Unsuitable Digital and Social Media Marketing Approaches

The following digital communications approaches are approaches of which we have decided are unsuitable for our Target Audiences:



DSM Approach

Justification Issues/Risks
Display Advertising: Graphical advertising of which appears on websites. It includes many different formats such as text, images video and audio. Low click through rate (CTR) – 16% of internet users account for 80% of all clicks meaning 84% of internet users who don’t click but do buy online are being missed. Missed brand recognition and interactive experience opportunities.
Mobile Banner Advertising: Adverts that appear on the top or bottom of a smartphone providing an uncluttered click-through experience. 50% of  mobile advertising click throughs are accidental – ‘fat fingers’ are three times more likely to tap static banner ads. 153 million mobile gamers in western Europe in 2014 – mobile games are platforms which mobile ads are commonly used.

Implications If DSM Approach is used

Display Ads: Display adverts are known for low CTR, because of its low response rates they have a cost of around £10 per thousand making it one of the more costly options.


Mobile Banner Ads: Mobile adverts can often be seen as intrusive and an annoyance – a mobile device is a consumers personal space and being too intrusive can affect a brads image.

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