Hello & Welcome

What is DSMMCM1516

You already know that we’re Splash of Digital but you probably don’t know what DSMMCM1516 is? Ok, so DSMMCM1516 is the acronym for Digital and Social Media Marketing Communications Management 2015 – 2016. It’s the name of a unit on our Public Relations and Digital Communications course at MMU.

What’s the plan? 

So we’ve got a team, have formed our digital agency and have chosen our client. Right, all we need to do now is create a digital and social media marketing strategy for our client!

How did we pick our first client? 

We were given three options to choose from when choosing our client;

  1. A real life organization who already implement our proposed ideas
  2. A real life organization who we can create a strategy for.
  3. An organization which is completely fabricated.

Splash of Digital opted for Option 2.

What Next?

Assignments One – A blog post worth 10% of our final mark, providing information about our client, their PSO’s and our digital marketing communications objectives.


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